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Due to the existence of new businesses (startup businesses) seeking to get investors or financing the existence of the investors seeking to get a suitable franchise or a new investment, the idea of businesses’ market arises. Such idea is represented in helping the process parties to reach the target through providing them with a bundle of financial consultancies helping the employers to take decisions. Such bundle includes what follows:

First: Investors:

  • Making the feasibility study for the project and investment expected return to select the best available alternatives and to determine the invested capital.
  • Incorporating the company with providing a definition for each type of the companies according to the laws and regulations applicable in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Providing help in getting the financing from multiple institutions.
  • Regular financial and accounting follow-up for the new company or the existing one through rending a bundle of financial and taxation consultancies to reach the best results.

Second: Employers:

  • Evaluating the company through laying down financial and technical studies for the employers and determining the opportunities, alternatives and the challenges of the business.
  • Regularization of the legal entity of the company and amending the contracts to cope with the available opportunities.

Helping in drafting the contracts – whether franchise contracts, financing contracts or participation contracts.