Feasibility Studies

Youssef Shaaban Office for Financial Consultancies provides projects’ feasibility studies services through the teamwork qualified for conducting projects’ feasibility studies by making the contents of the study as follows:

  • General framework of the project and an overview about the project.
  • Marketing survey (and defining the feasibility of the project technically).
  • Technical survey of the project.
  • Financial survey.

Hereinbelow, a detailed explanation for the contents of the study:

Project Overview:

Overview elements includes a general description for the project, its basic parts, its capacity and its initial capital. This part also includes exemptions and taxation savings that can be obtained by the project in the light of tax laws and investment laws (in case of incorporating a new company).

Marketing Survey:

The marketing survey aims to reach a group of the important results providing the economic indicators; precisely the final result of the marketing survey.

Technical Survey:

The technical survey aims to reach a group of important results providing the technical description of the project.

Financial Survey:    

The financial survey aims to reach a group of important results providing the description for the financial expectations of the project.